Monday, 22 January 2007

Hi ya!!!

Well how is one and all hope you all had a good you know what pepes haven't really got that much to write rosy cheeky weekys at the mo as just had 2 yes 2 glasses of red wine with my dinner..(doesn't take muc h knowadays am such a lightweight) duh!!!!

Oh yes I know decided to go down the route of the top whorl drop spindle to start off on my spinning experience..I rang up Twisted Fibres in Fife Scotland in the end and spoke to a very nice man called Peter who was sooo helpful he didn't try to sell me a costly wheel or anything, he just pointed me in the direction that was best he said lots of people don't even bother with a wheel because they just are good at using the drop looking forward to that coming...and I suppose wasting fibre because I spink it bulky with lumps BUT nevetheless from small beginnings.

On a different note my darling Mummy who anybody who has read this blog will know has end stage altzheimers well something really strange is and has happened, she is a very poorly lady...but I hadn't seen her for nearly 5 odd weeks as had has this cold virus sinus infection that kept on coming back...anyways saw her the other day and she looks so beautiful..I know that might sound strange as shes 84 and weighs less than 5 stone is skin and bones..but she does...her skin is soo soft and her face even though shallow and aged is shining....and when she does manage to smile at me her eyes are lighting up. Even my Dad (her DH) has commented on it, it is quite surreal and also a bit unnerving in a

Weather is rather cold to put it mildy, no snow though, would love that. Have just been watching local tv where that cargo ship has run aground and people are down on the beach salvaging (well actually I would call it stealing)...I personally found it quite sickening to watch....

So thats all for now...happy knitting! xx

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