Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Here goes!

Well finally got round to starting my blog, a blog or whatever blog. Been reading other peoples blogs and thought why not, New Year new me, new horizons, yeah right!!! Just see how this goes might be very very boring to some.. see I have a problem......I am a KNITAHOLIC!!!!!!.....AH SAID IT.. everything all knitty, sleep it breathe it......dream it......bored yet.....well if not into knitting will be soon hehe.....honestly though, if your one of thousands and yes I mean thousands that love nothing better than the sound of click click click (well of course depending what needles you use) could be clack clack clack with wood or addi turbos, oh yes those beautiful works of erm plastic and metal coatings (I think) every knitters dream. Thats of course after Boyes and Denises.....ahah see if your not a knitting knutter you wouldn't have a earthful knowledge of what the hell I'm going on about. So dear friend I wouldn't bother reading anymore thats if you've got thus far, if you have well done. Could post all or nothing on here, about life, about who knows but I would imagine mostly about KNITTING......WITH wip'S (thats works in progress to the uninitiated). So have taken a deep breath and jumped in. So if you've read to the end of this, thanks for sticking with it and well just hope I have enough to write about...cheers me dears!

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