Thursday, 25 January 2007

Drop spindle!!!

So last night with some trepidation there was I all excited to have my very first go at this spindling lark.....reads instructions etc slowly and surely here we go.......what the result was a tangled mess that looked like elastic...ok me thinks read it again and again and again....still tangled mess thats like elastic. So toke book to bed....hubbys ZZZZZ's next to me, feet cold so warm them up on him, he wakes slightly.....your feet are bleeping cold he muses. Me engrossed in book. It says do this do that, yep ok so will have another go later on today and hopefully will start to get somewhere, maybe this time bulky spun yarn which I will welcome as a beginner rather than a seeming length of elasticated wool. I have an idea whilst writing this as to where I am going wrong.... (funny when writing things down and the puzzle starts to fit).
Have found a local guild for spinning weaving etc so think will give them a go, must say am feeling a bit depleted at the mo as asking myself why on earth do I want to do this when there is so much lovely yarn out there for anyway.

So have just come back from hairdressers after having my roots done, and at the moment am trying to grow my why is it that everytime he cuts, he takes off a tad more than I ask for ggrrrr. It is soo annoying, every hairdresser that I have gone to has done this, you see my hair is naturally curly and when wet seems longer than is when dry...but at least the worrying grey is covered up for now. Well 5/6 weeks...hehe. All for now ta ta x.

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Caroline said...

Good luck with the spinning. It looks soooo easy...until you try it:) I just can't get the hang of it. Maybe you can get me to try again.