Sunday, 28 January 2007

Good morning to one and all on this bright and well creeping out from behind the clouds Sunday morning...well have just finished tidying up a bit as DD and SIl round for dinner latter on today..was going to do a roast but then thought no will do Maryland chicken from one of Jamie Olivers books...its so lushouse...chicken breasts stuff with sliced banana wrapped in streaky bacon or pancetta, put on a bed of fresh sweetcorn and lashings of cream them baked. served with creamy mash and carrots simmered down w3ith butter and veg stock....yummy!!! For dessert going to make some lovely mincemeat pinwheels with lashings of custard.
But before then me and DH o going to take pooch for a walk and get a bit of fresh air, this sinus thingy is now into its eighth week with me and doing my head in...just feel this pressure and hum in my ear and head all the time, it really has been a rotten germ'virus as everyone knows.

So heres picture of latest finished socks, very pleased as did them in garnia drops alpaca at £2.25 a 50g ball and toke Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingjust over one and a bit on 3 balls you would get 2 at a total cost of £6.75 thats pretty good going.

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Caroline said...

I love your socks. That color pink is just about my favorite, and when you blend that colr with some nice lace work...well...I consider that perfect. Plus, the fact that you got the yarn for a bargain!