Saturday, 20 January 2007

New Books!

Oh happy days, look what the postie brought me this morning yeuch!!!! sorry didn't like colour.....2 loverllleey new books one on folk mittens...oh you should see the pictures they're scrummy, have been after a book like this for ages and the other well "Spinning in the Old Way". Well am starting to think that maybe now the time is right for little ol' me to star spinning my own fibre. After having bought beautiful hands spun and hand dyed yarn off of this beautiful new internet world...which if hadn't had a puter wouldn't have been open to me, so would have still been buying Wendy Sirdar and Patons....boring!!!!!
So got me thinking that maybe the next stage is DIY.....SPENT OVER 4 HOURS..
yes friends 4 hours yesterday on this screen, looking, reading, digesting. Had already ordered the handspindle book, but after talking to a few people, do not know whether to go firstly with the hand spindle route or to dive straight in with a SPINNING WHEEL. So naughty me has already noted the one I like...(well actually I'm in lurve)!!!! Some say dive straight in but don't want to get it wrong and the darn thing sit in a corner glaring at me saying"come on Mrs. you bought me now use me" so the jury is out at the moment...but have posted a couple of pictures for you to looksee and any help or knowledge would be welcome.
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Ops bit blurred...sorry about that!

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