Thursday, 11 January 2007

A pink day!

Boy the trees are well bending in these gales, mind you quite like days like one an excuse to just bed in for the afternoon and do nout else but knit, well thats what I intend to to this pm....well will not be posting a picture of the offending felted bag. Its not too bad but it will be resigned to a drawer somewhere as a reminder not to use those colours again and now have started a pair of PINK SOCKS to cheer myself up, the pattern is called Waterfall Rib and am knitting it in Garn studio alpaca, oh so soft.....its funny that socks are such a cheery items to knit, don't seem to get tired of them...also my abbi turbos in all different sizes came this morning, have been gradually collecting also might start my DH socks that have been promising him. Anyways heres piccy of work so far....

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Magenta said...

They look lovely Knittings the way I am tagging you

Here are the rules:
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