Sunday, 7 January 2007

Darn bug!

Don't believe it, this darn cold lurgy bug has turned round again and hit me....been ongoing now for 4 plus weeks, so now back with shivers, neck ache, throat pain, body pain......looked at DH and pouted...Bo ho I need sympathy. But being a strong willed female (yes it is only a bug)!!!! unlike DH who had it, he went into what I call his tortoise shell for a week and didn't come out...said to him he's tetchy...."NO I'M NOT" yeah right pull the other one...honestly men, for some reason they don't doing feeling poorly very well...Mind you am feeling tetchy myself but have let him know with a smile ha ha on my face. So am off to sit myself down for a while and get on with my first knitted bag from Pursenality Plus, for any with the book it is the blue one called Lagoon I think, am doing it in Twilleys Freedom......bye for now.

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