Thursday, 18 January 2007

Gales alert!!

Phew, they're not joking are they, tried walking out this morning two steps forward one back and as for the hair well, if I say naturally curly does that conjure it up for you.
So on the knitting front, things are coming on ok, decided to carry on and get first sock of shocking pink one then I'll have one of DH's done...then start on 2nd one of each, well thats in theory anyways...but have seen some lovely hats that look enticing but must be good.

On a maybe funny note I have a 5 year old cavalier king charles spaniel called Megan, now as some of you might know they are at times a bit ditty...well ours is. See the problem being that she has a problem...she thinks she's a dog (well obviously she is duh!!!) but in the sense of well..shall we say she seems slightly see she has this teddy and well she humps it !!!! stop laughing!!! he he....honestly she holds it with both pays to her front sits on her back legs and bum and
well....humps, its the funniest thing but have to tell her to stop. So thought would put a piccy of my ickle doggy.

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Madwag said...

just found your blog... keep it up. I have just taught mysel how to knit... I am loving it... btw... I am 40 years old... not some young I went to the Get Knitted opening.. it was nice... I order all my knitting supplies from them.. they are great!