Sunday, 14 January 2007

Mens socks!

Ok so I said that DH socks in six ply knitting up quickly...well last night did the heel turn etc and got onto the foot, which needs to be 8" to toe start then another 2" so 10" in about bloody boring (ops sorry for swearing) but it was. I kept knitting and knitting and knitting round and round and round I went...must be there soon (felt like one of those expeditions with the kids in the car when young) know "how much further"? Could have trekked to the Himalayas in the time, righteo lets get the tape measure out....OH NO! still only 5" done. So judging on this one so far don't know whether will be knitting a 2nd pair...much prefer dainty ladies sizes. Also he can only wear them indoors as they will be too thick to wear with his shoes...alas...still am pouring my love into them. But gave up at the end of Kylies Homecoming tour on tv...sometimes knitting can be very aggravating if you let it, sat there at times thinking what the hell am I doing all this for buying all this yarn all these needles, should be out there walking the South Downs getting fresh air into my lungs....New Year does this at times I think to most of us makes us re-evaluate where we are and where we want to be...most of us do nowt about it. My old neighbour of 10 years and 3 young children dreamt of moving to St.Austell in Cornwall for about 7 years, she just didn't feel she fitted where she they brought themselves a house down there for weekends and the pull was so strong they moved down there once and for all.....she is very very happy and feels that she is now in her spiritual place (if thats ones way of thinking)...but....unfortunately there is a price for this at the moment....her DH is still here as his business is here and unfortunately one aspect doesn't work without the other. But I have admired their courage thus far.

So thats enough of my musings and clap-trapping for today...cheers all x

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