Thursday, 4 January 2007

Postie came!

Looked out of window, posty up the road, yes he's walking towards my house with a small parcel under his arm, Oh! the excitement two new skeins of yarn for """"SOCKS"" run downstairs, he rings "morning" says I cheerfully. Urgh...he doesn't even look up at me. "Thanks"...says I taking the parcel. Fingers eagily pull off the plastic bag and wrapping and then tear away to get at the receipt, why is this bit so infuriating. Then as we all know that bit when the yarn in all its glory is laid bare for to see........Oh!!! nothing like the colours in the pictures, much more muted, ok me thinks. Looks over yarn skein fondles, checks colour dye, seen better but starting to grow on me, yep one skein for socks, other well a sort of soft sage and heather colour????? will think about that one.

Anyways the sun is shining in this part of the country in all its glory, poor DH is still grounded at home with this soo dreadful lurgy virus, the chest head throat body thingy. SIL has had it for two weeks now, his wifey DD (duh obviously) rang a while back to say that it has turned back onto him again and he's in bed cannot lift his head, she's a tad worried, so I give her advice etc.

As for me today, now if take dog for early walk, finish up on here, check knitting forum, sort tonights dinner out in my mind, quickly vacuum downstairs, wanted to take a look at M & S sale but getting to age now where I stop and think, "do I like it? do I need it" NO NO AND NO
again. So turn and walk away...whey hey! But (aha) the other part of me's thinking more money for YARNYWARNY!!!!!.......SEE PEPS THERE IS ALWAYS A METHOD TO THIS LOGIC. So where was I oh yes, will try to be very good (try being the operative word) what with this new yarn just been delivered and not cast on a new project.....get on with my other WIPs this pm......have a good day one and all laters x

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