Friday, 5 January 2007

GRRRRRR & grrrrrrr again!!

Oh don't you find it frustrating, when you cannot get your head around your next project/ this yarn came yesterday looked at it again just now, well sorry but the dyeing is ????? there are spots of white areas in it, might mail the company concerned. Was hoping my Posh yarns sale skeins would arrive today bo ho! Know exactly what am going to do with those. Then thought would buy some cotton to do some friends dishcloths guess what not the colours I wanted in stock, wouldn't you know it.
So just popped off and did a photo of offending yarn....Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well would you adam and eve it, the heather sage doesn't look so bad here but in real light is soo muted AND I can still see those white streaks on tuther.

Going to have homemade potato and califlower (is that the right spelling, looks weird)..
soup tonight with crusty bread to mop up......
No more me drivelling on......ta ta x

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