Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Morning world, how do I find you, smiling, hope so.....just come back from good old Mr. Sainsbury's, well the first week of a reasonable priced shop since Christmas.
Who's still eating the chocolates and sweets come on own up, or who like me gets fed up and ends up throwing them out. Every year get Thorntons a big box......I HATE
TRUFFLES.....there they sit, defiant, go on you know you want to bite into me, might just taste different. Not!!!

Anyway my very first pair of knitted socks have now gone to a good home, my DD's,
she had cold feet when she came to visit the other day, and went to leave putting her boots on, looking at me.....well to cut a long story short.....gave them to her....pulled at my heart strings it did, was such an effort dealing the first time with fiddly dpns...
but hey the look on her face.....have made a few more since now looks like shes fallen in love with them...so will be kept busy later on when other wips finished off.
Had some yarn from Scandinavian Knitting Design came today, well what a lovely company that seems to be first time have used them, brought some alpaca in pink and some cotton (Paris) to make a couple of fun dishcloths.

On another note, aren't these website bloggy things weird, I mean I still have the jury out as to why am doing this, is it therapeutic to put loads of interesting or not (to some) and total drivel to others....well must be enjoying it soo far as a few days in and still posting....so if you pop in from time to time and read...thanks! Have a good day all...........x

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Magenta said...

Lol...i 'lose' every pair of socks i knit Knittings Nice. Someone always claims them before i get them on my feet! :)