Saturday, 13 January 2007


I see there is another blogger friend joined the affray. My list is just going to keep growing and growing and soo much reading to do...I need time to KNIT....BUT THAT TIME IS BEING my own admission for reading blogs looking at blogs, going on the forum...honestly by bum is now starting to expand, the dog is not getting her proper walks. Go on one blog oh look theres some never seen before, lets have a looksee, so ofrt we go to Australia, Canada even Hong kong...Oh look they have their own blogs they like to to Iceland ah! that ones very interesting about the amount of daylight. Then theres all the knitting said blogger is doing and putting pictures start to feel very downbeat. hey! can they get sooo much knitting done and yet turn out fantastic sites with superb photos like that and look there are also cooking pictures. Now I adore my cooking but unfortunately has taken a bit of a back seat...even got to the stage now where am saying to DH "do you mind me sitting here knitting" he says "I love it" and he genuinely does take a very keen interest in my hobby. So I think the only diagnosis I can come to is that I NEED to knit faster, now there is a lady I think in SIMPLY KNITTING and she knits 255 stitches in 3 minutes, she holds the record thus far. Even whilst on here have one lot of washing in machine, another waiting to go in, tumble dryer on, dog wanting a brush, bed to be made with clean sheets etc, lounge to be vacuumed etc...but DH is on to a couple of those things as we want to got need to put face theres another task that is getting harder the older I get...yes I say task because I am having to make the mix thicker...this is a tongue in cheeek joke with me and the mixer out he says what mix today? well problem being used to be 1 to 4 now its 3 to 4. Honestly the more I try to fill in those cracks on my face the more deeper they look, mind you doesn't help at the moment as am getting over this dreaded cold sinus lurgy thing, yes it has come back three times, this time hit me really hard has gone to my sinuses so right side of face puffed up and bit of a dark eye...on penicillin....drat wanted a glass of rouge vino tonight, ne'er mind...looks like fizzy instead. Anyways be lovelys better go now the normal world calls as opposed to bloggers....anyway all enjoy your blogging...laters xx

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