Monday, 8 January 2007


DH brought brekky in bed for me today porridge with peaches and a nice cuppa boy did it soothe the throat feels like got a golfball stuck there and hey had a lie in and dozed back off to sleep until 10. Wow haven't done that in ages. So thought would come and say a cheery "HELLO", the rain as predicted has now arrived and the gale force 8's expected tonight, so batten down those hatches me hearties!!!.

Anyway couple of piccys the first one is of the jacket and yarn I brought at the Angel Yarns open day... so happily started knitting it as an ongoing project...then had my friend round for a coffee, want to see my knitting I asked. She looked at it looked at me saying "Oh wouldn't have thought you would pick that colour looks like sick......urgghhhh!!!!!! (she's a very dear friend believe me)...
well everytime I have picked it up since then, well guess what? DON'T LIKE THE COLOUR ANYMORE........bum bum what else to knit with it...
My first felted item so also WIP piccy of bag, sure will look nicer than my sick coloured jacket, haha......will post another pohoto when bag felted etc wish me luck....ciao x

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