Thursday, 22 February 2007

One more step....

One more step along the way I go. Well postie brought me some Corriedale roving and BFL am gradually collecting. Was so excited when opened the box, DH home for the day I looked up at him and grinned..."Now what am I supposed to do with it?...duh!!!!...still exciting getting it though. Going to purchase Ashford Book of Carding and my carders and last but not least a niddy noddy next. Then think will be all set, only probs is range the company where am going to purchase wheel and it will be 6/8/10 weeks from order....bohohoho...still gives me time to finish off things.
Anyway in sunny Sussex yeah right...hissing it down with me and DH are off for a spot of lunch somewhere, then this afternoon back to sort out our spare bedroom which is fast becoming a hobby room for both of us.

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