Thursday, 8 February 2007

Media hype!

Why oh why in this country does the media (in my opinion) hype a bit of snow up...for heavens sake, all we heard last night was the cold front coming and blizzards going to dump 5/8 inches of snow on us.....traffic chaos, schools closing down....erm well was watching morning news and they were going to different places and the commentator standing there giving it large about there being 6 inches where he is, well maybe I was being a bit thick but all I could see where he was standing was about an inch or so if we go back to my childhood which was in Brighton in the 50s/60s....yes I know maybe sounding a bit old foggish but then we had snow, real snow, blizzards drifts. I used to wake up and the snow had banked up to our front door and Dad would open it and it would be 5/6 feet high, Dad would have to shovel his way through and then neighbours all along the road would clear a pathway through on the pavement. I used to walk to school on the ice underneath my feet would be 4inch thick from compacted snow, or course I would chose to walk in the deep bits. It used to lay around for 2 or 3 weeks, blizzards were so thick you just couldn't see. Yes we still went to school, nothing like knowadays with all this namby pamby stuff going on....closing schools. The house I grew up in as a child was so cold in winter that I used to have ice form on the inside of the windows, yes folks the inside, my Mum used to bring a bowl of hot water up for me to get washed in bed, then I used to get dressed via a single bar electric fire in my bedroom where Mum would hold my school shirt in front of it to warm it up.... we had no central heating in our house, my Dads favourite phrase when I was a child and we had coal fires was..when I left the room "SHUT THE DOOR BEHIND YOU, DO YOU THINK YOU WERE BORN IN A BARN"...this is only 40plus years ago that I am talking about, but how much has changed in such a small age of time.

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