Wednesday, 21 February 2007

My quest.

Still doing my research, now yesterday was looking at carders as obviously will be something that I need when get my goes to different internet sites....some say only need 48 point for most fibres etc, other says need 78 point will be the only ones I need to cover most aspects. Well asked a few questions and seems 78 point will do fine...honestly I wish these on line shops would make up their minds.

Didn't put much about it yesterday as soooo tired after darling Dad rushed to hospital via ambulance with chest pains...he has 3 stents and unstable angina. I had to go over to sit my Mum as she has end stage dementia. Needed to get emergency care sorted, ie nursing home if Dad was being kept in. Thank goodness they sent him seems all is ok.....he says his heart is fine...sure it is....but it is the leads leading up to the engine that are furred up. Try to explain this to him but he just doesn't seems to get it. Obviously looking after his wife is putting terrible strain on him...but when I suggest respite care for him he just looks at me and recites their marriage vows "for rich for poorer in sickness and in health". My Mum cannot speak move, she is spoon fed but the love that goes between their eyes...I swear it would pull at the heart strings of even the most hardened person.
I cannot seem to make him understand that he needs to look after himself more...Mum is where she is and I don't know how much longer she will be on this planet...goodness knows how he will be afterwards, am dreading it, so many elderly people just give in. But in the meantime if I can just get into him not to go digging the garden....moving heavy stuff that there is me and his two strapping sons to help. Oh well.

So enough babbling on, got to be off to the bank and a bit of shopping..byeee.

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