Sunday, 4 February 2007


Thats better, me and DH been away down to Devon for a few days R and R...boy did we need it. Stayed on a lovely small holding where the cock crowed at 9 am not 6 as they were still in their pens. Looked out over a lovely coarse fishing lake and just up into the hills, our bedroom had windows on both sides so when you awoke all you could see was the beautiful greenery. The place we stayed had been a small barn which they knocked down and rebuilt just recently into a open plan kitchen/lounge/diner complete with my favourite cooker an a wonderful log burner....had a big bathroom and also a wet room which was great fun. They had cattle and sheep for their own consumption and the eggs from the chickens. We just got up late, went for a drive late am found a nice place for lunch, visited villages that we fancied oh and unfortunately came across HRH Prince Charles "Poundbury"...erm wasn't quite sure what that is supposed to be...a quientessential country village? Also managed to do some knitting just made cotton dishcloths, nothing mind taxing but was fun.

Unfortunately on the way home just before Chichester in Sussex there had been a horrific accident, half of a small car was imbeded in the back of a articulated lorry, we drove by, they had shut the carriageway off completely....I just burst into tears, they didn't stand a chance and funny thing was me and DH had only just been commenting about how motorists drive too close to each other......the scene was a very sobering one.

So now ensconed back at our nest, hubbys back to work Monday bo hoo!! and I musty get back into the swing of things....anyways a few pics .....ttfn x

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Thought hubby doing a bit of cooking, well don't want him to get out of touch!!!! hehehe!

A bit of greenery scenery...da.da....

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