Tuesday, 6 February 2007


I seem to have a bit of a dilema, all brought on by myself. The problem being that there is so much that I want to knit and so much yarn that I want to buy.....and now that I have managed to get the hang of drop spindling, I THINK I would like to buy a wheel, but alas this is where the problem lies. Knitting at times even though it is supposed to be relaxing can and does stress me out......as I tend to have 5 Wips and a fair stash. It actually gives me a headache so I have at this moment in time taken to resolve my way of doing things, that is I have finished all but one of the wips and thereby starting to eat into the stash. But then I go and look at all the things that I would like to knit and I seem to just go round in circles and circles because I know that if I go on the route of buying a wheel this will eat into my knitting time and then I will want to spin loads of lovely yarns (well if I became good enough)...then I think is it worth the trouble with so much yarn out there already spun etc, as I like to support the small independants.
Oh of course then there is all the classes that given time I would like to attend and also would love to go on a knitting holiday but then would feel guilty about leaving DH behind as do everything together....oh botherations...never mind buying a bloody spinning wheel, need to stop my head spinning first.

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