Thursday, 22 February 2007

Per chance!

Happened to ring the supplier of spinning wheel that I am coveting, he said he had none in stock until new delivery in 6/8/10 the wheel comes from Canada is made in maple made by a chap called Gord Lendrum, hence the name Lendrum...anyway have ordered it from only distributors over here ( I mean how can a girl not, there it sits staring at you out of the screen saying "buy me, buy me..come on you know you want to"). Anyway have taken the plunge so still gives me plenty of time to sort out other bits and pieces and do a bit of reading. Don't laugh, thought I would give her a look forward to 6/10 weeks..

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Caroline said...

Mavis is a good name--traditional, hardworking, trustworthy, but still feminine. Hope we becomes a good friend

gilraen said...

Lovely wheel and happy spinning. I'm looking forward to seeing what you spin from that lovely roving :)