Monday, 19 February 2007

Monday again!

Morning....Monday again...well I hope and trust that all had a lovely weekend. Me and DH's was relaxing. I went to a Spinning 7 Guild meeting where they were having a talk on don't yawn!!!! It was very interesting...being shown from the cocoon and how the cocoon is spun to how they get the silk from the cocoon to the uses of silk etc...then there was lunch and in the afternoon, we had a play around with drop spindling silk on a tiny oh so cute spindle. There was one lady who was using a charka wheel and oh my goodness the delicacy of her spinning...I asked what she was going to do with it. She said "nothing"...she just spins it for the sake of it as she likes it. Erm is it me??
Anyway I then had the chance to ask lots of other ladies who had brought their spinning wheels questions and to watch and learn as I am gradually getting nearer to purchasing my wheel...I have decided after much deliberation and research that I am going for the Lendrum...the lady at the Guild spoke to me of this as she has had numerous wheels over the years and thoroughly recommends it..Lots of the ladies had Ashford Travellers and I asked her why none had this wheel...and she said they didn't know about it when they purchased theirs. I suppose it is a matter of personal choice....but also that it is made from maple and not ply and mdf is somewhat influencing this purchase. But to spread the cost I am currently purchasing my bits and pieces needed to go with it...also just bought some corriedale tops and
BFL in natural.....but in the meantime have just finished my socks.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingUnfortunately the colourway has knitted up differently from one sock to the other...the left one is paler...very weird, as you couldn't see it on the skein. They have been knitted in Posh yarn sock weight...the pattern from the freebie sock book with Knit magazine. So will bid you a fond adieu and have a good week in whatever you do...ttfn


Cheryl said...

Nice socks...and who said that they had to be identical? I like individuality, even with socks! Easier to tell right from left and all that....

I did research before buying my loom. It's a little known brand here in Ireland, but I'm quite pleased with it. Wish I had done more research on the spinning wheel I bought though. But ya know, it does the job and suits the amount of spinning I do. All the best in your up and coming purchase!

Caroline said...

I love your socks too! In my book, you can never go wrong with pink!