Wednesday, 19 December 2012

2 days and counting!

 Til our woodburner gets fitted, we have logs, 4 builders bags worth, we have blazer logs, we have kindling, we have stove fan, we have stove thermometer, we have wood damp meter, we have log basket, we have long matches and we nearly have the fireplace finished.  Hubby has worked long and hard on it, the bricks were so hard to chip away at they were really baked but he has done a grand job, mind you the brick dust, why is it it just gets everywhere, even 3 days later it still lands, but will be so worth it.  Daughter was laughing and telling me that they forecast a mild wet Christmas down south, and???? you'll just have to wear a thinner top because that fire is being!

Thought would share photo of front garden of bungalow, this was taken from the estate agents details, lots to keep me busy.

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lemonade kitty said...

Just read your post on the new wood burning stove to say how much I like it and your tree, but there was no where to leave a comment.It will look lovely blazing away on Christmas day and it will keep your toes warm!! Lucey x