Sunday, 2 June 2013

Garden is coming along nicely.

Long time no post, been busy sorting bungalow out and mostly done now.  The garden has been quite a chore to get sorted, darn ground elder took hold and apart from planting Mexigan marigolds, or getting hold of geranium endressi Wargrave pink which apparently smothers them we have been "digging for victory" to speak....the "bleep" stuff is still there but directly it shows its hold in goes my fork and roots etc be gone but anyway thought I would share some of piccys from garden so far.

Planted these pansies for my darlin "Mum in heaven"...she loved these and this is my special little corner just for her, often go and sit on speak and think and remember her...."love you Mum".

We have a backdrop of trees which are so nice.

The pond has come on really well, hubby had a shock when he started to sort it out as we didn't think there was anything in there, it was so overgrown and then whilst pulling out overgrown vegitation he netted a "carp"...9" I kid you not there were two of them, they had stayed on the bottom all winter long and were still thriving...wonderful. 

In the throws of painting shed such a glorious colour and gate and fencing done to keep our Jenny off garden (don't want yellow patches!)


Noelle the dreamer said...

What a delightful 'stroll' for any of us on Blogland to check out your dream place! Love the little pond!
All the best,

bellaboo said...

What a gorgeous garden..and now at last some lovely weather to enjoy it all!