Thursday, 5 June 2014

Bramble Crafts.......Facebook and etsy.and a spot of crochet.

Hi,so ok before I tell you about the must and you will luuurrrrvvvveeee all that my eldest daughter does and sells in the craft world.  Seriously you will fall in love with her paper cuts, I cannot really explain just go and have a looksee...(I know this is unadulterated advertising)but she's my daughter and hey...her stuffs brilliant,  you will find her in facebook just look for Bramble Crafts Havant, she is also on etsy.   It's strange as she has a love of crafts like me,  chip off the old eh! It thrills me no end that she lives it so, honestly when I occasionally meet up for coffee Cath kidston is a must see...we both oh and ah over everything. But alas it's only occasionally, she has 6 children that keep her busy and even though she's only hour by car, sometimes it feels like 4 hours.  I sometimes wish she lived 10 mins away so could pop and see grandchildren after school etc, and also to spend time crafting with her.  But strange as it seems my other daughter does live 10 mins away and nope don't do the after school visits at all either, children have after school clubs etc and homework and general busy life's all round really ...... and she has no interest in crafting, even though tried to get her attracted to knitting or something.
Life does go at a speed knowadays and maybe  the www is un a way to! Says me whilst trying this.  It's so easy to start browsing everything that may interest one the. An hour has disappeared eeek.

Anyways on the crochet front,  have just finished this was great fun with the colours.

Ok some attention olease....Bramble Crafts Havant....facebook ....bottom two photos of paper cuts...have fun......ttfn

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