Monday, 14 May 2007

Hi ya!

Hello peps....its Monday just finished dusting and tidying up after weekend. Not much knitting done as had preggie DD and SIL around yesterday.....and don't want her to see what am knitting. So had to do something and managed to ply up the spun merino that has been sitting around.

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Its luscious fuchsia pink and turquoise blue...but once plyed the colours seem to be a lot darker.
Am still on a very big learning curve re the actual spinning itself. Seem to go along at a nice consistency of thickness and then goes stupidly thin and sometimes stays too thin but have managed to spin this to 11/13 tpi's.

Does anybody else get blogging stress....I see what all gorgeous knits others have managed to knit etc and want to do this pattern/that pattern/use this that fibre sometimes its all toooooo much.
But then the beauty of blogs and of course "forums" is the inspiration it gives you.
I sometimes wonder if I would do so much knitting if I didn't have the camaraderie of other like minded people....and it is lovely to be able to show what one has knitted etc....there is one blog I think Dances with Wolves....and at the moment Lene is doing a beautiful fairisle jumper called Henry...her work is wonderment. I will have a go one day....but for now my knitting time is being used.......laters all x

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Artis-Anne said...

Great looking yarn but I know what you mean. I find it harder now to spin for a heavier weight but lace weight no problem. I was told this would happen after spinning for a while by members of the guild and there I was yearning to spin as fine as them .
I agree re blogs and I think Lene does some amazing things . I do think thought that at times I personally find I am spending too mucb time blogging than knitting but then as you say that is where we get the push to do more LOL