Friday, 17 December 2010

Before and after

Morning, sorry about the fuzzy picture, but -4 outside and my tiny digits were freezing. Couldn't believe it when passing my raspberry patch, there shivering under some leaves were four tiny ones, now it is December isn't it....hey who needs a freezer?

My darling hubby sure is a sweeheart, the wallpaper we have in our front lounge has some beautiful red/gold wallpaper on one wall as an accent. Not to everybodies taste I know, but we love it. I have tried in the past to do the pastel colours and I do love them but somehow they just never seem to work for me. So we have a gas stove (and yes would love a woodburner) but as no chimneys in our house, it would mean taking pipes up outside the side of the house and don't really think neighbours would take kindly to that. So back to story, we kept on looking at the stove standing there on the flagstone hearth, we have had it standing alone like this for two years and it has been fine until about a month ago. You know you go through these changes in your house. Hubby pondered and ummed and ahhe'd and bless him, turned to me and said "I'll build brickwork around it and make a fire surround. He worked all last weekend, he is so thorough and keeps mess to a minimal.
Ta da.................... he's done a great job, chose chailey
bricks which have a old worlde look about them.
He had to keep the brick pillars within the frame
of the mantel and the hearth. I was a tad worried
that it would look weird. We think it looks great
and has made the room seem so cosy now. What do you think?
So this weekend it will be decorating with
all things Christmas.......have a good weekend...
don't get snowed in. x


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Teresa! I love the look of your new fireplace! Your hubby did a great job! I also loved reading about your babysitting adventures with yuor twins...what fun! I have a 10 month old grandson and one on the way! Your new bedding is so it! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!....hugs...Debbie

bellaboo said...

Brilliant job your hubby has done on that fire surround! Can you loan him out?...there are a few shelves I need putting up! :0)
I want a wood burner too,but we have the same chimney,and when we looked into it,the flue cost a we're sticking with our flame effect gas one.
Those raspberries are hardy little souls aren't they? I got raspberries from the farm shop right up to the end of November.

bad penny said...

Hello ! Thanks for popping by. The fireplace looks great ! We are the same -have a lookey likey wood burner which is just a fan heater - not quite the same but cleaner ! In our last house we had a lovely fireplace.

Angie said...

What a sweet husband! He did a great job! I bet you are really going to enjoy the new fireplace.

Guro said...

Thanks for popping by, and your nice comment about the knitting and the homemade marsipan. It tasted delicious. And your fireplace looks greate, nice work :-)

Florrie said...

Hi Teresa, so nice to see you back blogging. The fireplace looks lovely and cosy, what a sweetheart your hubby is.....

Lucky you, having twin grandchildren, twice the fun and snuggly cuddles.

Have a Happy Peaceful Christmas.
florrie x

Lynn said...

This is so beautiful :)