Monday, 13 December 2010

I love red!

Hello, long time no post. Just been busy with all sorts at the moment, lots of babysitting twin Grandchildren....3 years old honestly I look sooooooooooooooooooo ragged after a day with them, the house looks a shambles ok we start playing in the lounge. Snap playing cards, then bricks, then stringing cotton reels together. Then its upstairs to play in their room, and of course the trail of toys/books etc slowly creeps down the stairs. Then Nanny (me) gets her knitting out whilst watching them play. Over they trot..."can we help" in turn they both put the yarn around the needle, well they do about 5 times each then boredom sets in....but I praise "well done your so clever"...the beaming smiles I receive make my heart sing.....and then theres the gorgeous hugs and squeezes I get. The sudden kisses on the cheeks, both sides at both times, the I love you Nanny. Whatever is going on in my world, these two just bring a beautiful ray of sunshine into my life, my heart sings, I smile and the world is such a better place. If only one could bottle it.

But anyways in the meantime, I decided by bed needed a bit of a Christmas fix......and whilst browsning around The Range....came across this beautiful set I think £14 for kingsize, Ok its a polyester mix, but thats Ok as I cotton sheet and fitted underneath. Also managed to grab hold of last two sweet Nordic type cushions (the small ones) loving my Christmassy bed, with huge red throw on the bottom and also fur one for snuggles.

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bellaboo said...

Your bed is looking gorgeous..and I LOVE those cushions with the hearts on!
Sounds like you are going to have such fun this Christmas with those adorable grandchildren of yours.