Friday, 27 July 2007

Hmmmm.sock colour!

Ok, so it maybe was a mistake buying this colourway but seems to have turned out alright...if you like yellow. Makes a nice change for a bit of lace pattern up back of leg, although does make ankle look rather thick (or should I say thicker than they already are).
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and piccy of prettyish pattern...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Last night couldn't settle for the evening...well you know when you want one of those "quick fix" knitting projects. So rumbled in my spun yarn basket and they presto...this presented itself. This was early spinning hence quite thick, but nevertheless usable. So made this hat, and it fitted wooh hoo! done in red/black merino.
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Then we have the rest of the bfl spun..very pleased with this as managed to spin about 465metres from it...has spun to sock approximately. Knitted a little swatch so that you can se...haven't plied it... so singles and it is very interesting as you can see a slight twist on the left hand side of each stitch. Will possibly be used for baby cardi (DD has her 20 week scan soon and we find out what sexes she is having with the all very exciting)
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Caroline said...

I really like your socks, especially the lace addition....there isn't a sock pattern in this world that wouldn't make my ankles look big. I always tell my daughter that she's so lucky to have inherited her dad's "skinny" ankles:)