Sunday, 10 February 2008 still here.

Sorry been away a bit too long but have been waiting for yarn to come through from the at last I have cast on and started EunnyJangs Ivy League Vest.

Am loving it so far...deced to do the 3rd size up...which is the 34 plus booby size...actually it has been quite good as because of the £ to $ ratio...costs me less to get the yarn from the states than buy it here. Have given myself until middle of March to get it finished, and then next on the agenda is a beautiful multi coloured shawl called Swedish Heartwarmer....will get a photo up when I start....but am doing it as a Kal in April...and the yarn is wending its way to me as we speak.
Have been on Ravelry quite a bit, which takes knitting time away but is Oh so interesting....I think I have loads of favs and queued patterns...all very exciting...anyway must to walk.....then off to babysit DD twins for evening. Byee for now x


Grace said...

It looks fabulous! I have been doing some sock, shawl and mitten knitting so I have not gotten that far on my vest. I do love the original colors...I may have to knit another one!

Caroline said...

Eunny Jangs is so great. I love the colors in your vest.