Sunday, 10 January 2010

Bits and bobs posting

Hi....has everybody enjoyed their weekend...I suspect like me you waited for the big snowstorm to appear and hankered down for the night.....and niente!!!!!...and I can hear drip drip from the guttering so it seems a bit of thawing is going on round this way. I must admit to being a tad disappointed that its going....I know I know...its a pain and one cannot get around etc. But it was just nice to be just so, do you know what I mean, all that rushing around, tooing and frooing seemed to halt for a few days, people have been stopped in their tracks, they had to stay in, be with the family. Mind you I had to laugh when a lady was being interviewed on TV and she was bemoaning the fact that the shop/supermarket had run out of bread......erm!!! ever heard of a breadmaker or failing that bread flour etc and hey they even do the packets already mixed and just add water....I don't know?

So I wondered what I could post about today and looked around by home and spied a plate, well a plate and 1 miserable saucer to be exact, I have been trying to start a collection of this lovely little design by Johnson Bros, called The Friendly Village, quite pretty don't you think....I feel it may time some time and searching, but thats half the fun.

She sits next to my window lamp, the two halves were flea shop finds, I think the glass shade is one of the 1950 glass shades that used to be in the loo, ops! Ah well they marry up quite nicely and seem to match by Laura Ashley curtains, I love these, they add such a touch of warmth to my snug.

I bought Februarys' Country Homes & Interiors and whilst browsing came across these, Oh! my goodness, did you ever......aren't they the sweetest. A MICRO PIG.......and you can house train them. Think I'll stick to my Megs though.
Honestly Lady muck, love her to bits even though she can get under my feet, but she's always there for a lap cuddle and somehow needs to know when I need one...clever aren't they?

..........and if your in the market for a beautiful fire screen...wouldn't this handsome screen just fit the bill.
Look out....cream kitchen alert.....lovely but to be needs a tad

accessorising....but one of the kitchens from the most beautiful oak framed homes company. There is an article in Country Homes about a couple who used them....could I...would I.......can I.........hmmm!!! some pipe dream, but ne'er the less its a lovely site to visit and gloss and gloat at....and some even more beautiful designs and interiors. Go and enjoy!

This ones for me!!!! if only......x

or may on a grander scale, no too big for us now the children have flown.


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Teresa! I am waaay behind in my blogging and reading to get caught up! You had a nice snow and I enjoyed the walk in your village! I was happy to see Miss Megs...such a cutie! And your grandbabies are just precious! What a joy they must be! I hope you are having a cozy day!...hugs...Debbie

bellaboo said...

I have not seen that Johnson bros pattern before,very unusual.I do hope you manage to find some more pieces.Anyway it will give you a good excuse for a trip to your nearest antiquey shop!Our icicles are drip,drip,dripping too.Hope one doesn't drop off and land on Bella!


Doris said...

Hi there

I know exactly what you mean about the snow forecast for the weekend. We were all ready to get a snow-storm yesterday & it didn't arrive. It's good in one respect because I really want to get back to "normal" but on the other hand I quite like having the excuse to relax indoors, getting as cosy as possible!!

I love those pics of the dream houses - I have to say that either of those would be lovely for me. Must keep our fingers crossed for a lottery win then, I suppose?!!!

I hope you have a lovely week.

Laura (Doris)

sue15cat said...

I was only reading about those 'micro pigs' this morning. I think my big pigs might not be terribly impressed if I wandered past their barn with a pet micro pig!! (I'm sorely tempted though!!)

Love your little doggie.

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Hi - thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and it's made my day to think that I made you smile..
Love your blog, have joined up as a follower.xx