Thursday, 7 January 2010

Winters grip!

Hello, hows everybody in blogland today. Hope your all keeping warm and cosy and that no-ones the victim of any power failure. I managed to get out for a walk today and with the sun shining it just somehow managed to take the edge off of the bitter cold. Lots of people walking everywhere and so lovely people were just actually talking to each other in the street. I generally say "morning" or such when taking Megs our dog out for her walk...but today people actually talked. I was greeted by "take care"...."do you know if Tesco Express has any milk"...which funnily enough brings me to my next bit of todays writing. I remember when local residents (myself included) were up in arms at Tescos wanting another express shop around...well I have to eat humble pie. As the car is well and truly iced into our driveway and darling hubby has walked to and from work these last two mornings. Honestly yesterday he looked like a michelin man...but he got there 35mins, he walked a lot of it in the middle of the road which somehow seemed safer. Anyway going back to Tescos, so not being able to get car out, so lovely to walk and get bread etc.

I must admit I am not very good at photography but having a blog somehow it seems to make you look at things a different way. Looking at other peoples blogs there is some beautiful work, which I admire. I could put it down to my camera I suppose but whether it be £80 or £300, its all in the eye. I thought to myself, well I have an eye for colour in the home decor and crafting side of my life, so its about time I tried with the photography. So heres a few of my efforts, not great, but I will try to improve more and more.
Our local church where our daughters got married.

I loved the way the shaft of sunlight just shone across and lit up the bush which unfortunately doesn't show that well.

Beautiful, nature in the snow and ice at its best.

A treacherous road in our local village Tarring.

View from my bedroom window, the South Downs, actually even though I at times would love a cottage (unfortunately finance doesn't allow)....this view which me and hubby adore, keeps us rooted. I look out and don't feel hemmed in and I know the downs are just 7 mins by car.
Thats me done for today....keep warm. I'm going to have lunch, make a apple cake for pudding tonight, then hopefully do some knitting this afternoon...keep warm....xx


bellaboo said...

We're very grateful to have the Londis shop just around the corner,although the shelves are looking a bit depleted now!
Same problem here...can't get the car out,so stuck in.Although,saying that,a very nice neighbour is digging a route through to the road...a mammouth I write.The paths are too slippery to negotiate.Fell on my backside and hit my head last time we had snow,so don't like to risk it!
Your pics are lovely.Keep warm!


Doris said...

I know exactly what you mean about photos - I'm trying to get some better photos but can't seem to manage it!! Some of the photos on people's blogs are fabulous!!

Not sure how exactly to "reply" to comments posted on my blog, but thank you for your comment about my daughter - there's definitely no stopping her now!!

I'm in the middle of crocheting a blanket for her room - I used to knit & crochet when I was little but have really only started getting back into it over the past few months. I find it very therapeutic!

I hope your apple dessert was delicious, I'm so jealous!!

Laura (Doris)