Friday, 22 January 2010

Brother Embroidery Machine...woohooo!

I have such a sweet darling hubby....well to cut a long story short. A friend of mine who is a prolific seamstress and I mean wonderful, wedding dresses and the like, clothing you name it, this lady can do it. Me I can make curtains and used to do swags and tails and austrian blinds (when they were in fashion)!!...make cushions etc. Well anything that doesn't involve a dressmaking pattern....anyway I was round hers the other day and she showed me her embroidery machine, well girls what can I say it was LUUUURRRRVVREEEE at first sight. So I duly did my research and narrowed it down to 2 this one and another one a Janome. I was going to go for the Janome but panicked as I found out this particular model is about 3/4 years old...whereas the Brother has memory cards and usb for downloading designs straight from the computer. Well spoke to hubby and he looked at them as well and we went down to our local Sewing Machine shop and we spoke to the chap there, he was so nice ( I know one could say that he would want to sell us the more expensive machine) but he went through the pros and cons...must admit my tummy was doing summersaults with excitement and after 20 mins or so I came away with this awesome embroidery machine on order. Didn't expect it till after the weekend. So went with DD and twins to Friday twins club to help out.....lucky for me, but unlucky for darling hubby, who is at home with erm shall we say, he ate a not so nice tuna sandwich...and bless him he has suffered!...anyway duly arrived home and standing in the hallway is my beautiful machine. I have been really good and not even unopened the box as well I am re-decorating the study/craft room...I decided it needed to be a restful shade of green so I have gone for Farrow & Ball Green Ground, I have painted my old rocking chair chalk white and also a old Ikea melamine unit, used some wonder Easy Seal Primer....this stuff makes everything stick to it like glue, metalwork, even brickwork...its wonderful. So am busy bee, hey don't you just love the latest fashion look, enjoy whatever your up to this I'm just itching to get this room done and sorted.....ttfn x

Oh and would just lijke to thank you for the award, its my very first ever award and I really didn't ever dream that I would receive one, must say its made my day....just need to work out how to post flower to sidebar.


bellaboo said...

Me neither,but I'm getting there!To put the award on your blog post or side bar,go to the blog that gave the award and click on the picture.It should come up in a window on it's own.Then right 'copy'.. and save to your computor ie photo gallery.Let me know if it works!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, both on your award and being sufficiently disciplined to not open that box! Lucky you xx

bellaboo said...

I see it worked ok!Can't wait to see what you are going to make with that lovely new machine.


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Teresa! An embroidery! I would monogram everything in sight! How wonderful! You will have to show us some of your work! And I love the idea of a craft room. It sounds like you are a busy bee! Thanks for the tip on painting melamine...I didn't know you could! Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie