Friday, 19 August 2011

What a difference a week makes!

Well me hubby and Jenny are well and truly acquainted now. Cannot believe how intelligent she is and a quick learner. Hubby and her are best of friends, she follows him everywhere. We did wonder if this was going to happen as she had been used to a previous lady owner. But he has been gentle and firm in his approach and as any dog owner knows there can only be one pack leader. Actually between you and me its quite good as he gets up to feed her when she wakes up about 6.20am....eeeekkkkk! Gone are our lie-ins. Her coat is coming on very well now. Family and friends have said "even though the lady that had her loved her....but with 5 other dogs she was being rather lives life as a pampered pooch.

I'm camouflaged......x

The kindest most gentle loving eyes!

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