Thursday, 25 August 2011

Knitting...woo hoo!

Hello all, hows things I've been busy doing a bit of knitting after my mammoth crochet blanket...thats now awaiting to go into motorhome for our next expedition away to Wales and then the Lake District Keswick. But back to piccys this is a Louisa Harding top called Cuckoo, it is knitted in 50/50 silk wool and is scrumptiously soft and lovely to wear.

Must admit was a tad worried that it looks a bit like a tunic, what do you think.....too Starship Enterprise!!!!

and knitted me an "ol dears hat"...well thats what I thought when I'd finished it...but again another pleasurable knit done in an afternoon on some wool called Symphony from a company called Garn Studio...lots of freebie patterns and great yarn at great prices. I fluffed the yarn up by using a teasel brush. ttfn x


bellaboo said...

That will keep you nice and warm and cosy in the Lakes. :0)

Guro said...

That was a nice top, I liked the shape and the colour.
Garn Studio is a favourite with all their free patterns, I use them a lot, - and it is Norwegian ;))

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I could wear hats, it would stop my ears hurting in the cold, but I look so ridiculous, it's embarrassing. Found you via bellascountry, looked at your beautiful Jenny. She is SO gorgeous, speaking to the converted though aren't I? She was the main reason I wanted to leave a comment!