Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hols and hobbies!

Hello, hows everybody? All so busy I suspect, anyway we went away for a few days in our m/h to Fleet Lagoon Weymouth. Stayed at a touring site right by the lagoon, the weather was as for lots of us that particular week glorious. The touring site was on an organic working farm...lots of lovely walks and places to visit. On one of the walks we came across The Old Church Fleet....I managed to photograph (with my old years old Fuji camera!!....more on new one later in post)...this bit of info, now I in my ignorance never knew or would have thought a tidal wave could hit our shores but here is written evidence. The only part left of this church is the chancel...but it certainly had an atmosphere.

You had to wander down this lane I think it was called "Butter Lane" hehe! the name apparently called so as to links with the land and farming....and at the end on the right was the old church. Hubby and I couldn't help having a nose through the window of the first one which was being "done-up" but in keeping. Hubby being 6'2" erm....and rooms so so tiny but oh so sweet.

As you can see from this photo is the touring site, it was only about 30% full which suited us fine.

Must tell you about new hobby, well hubbys fault really. Years and years ago he used to do photography for a hobby, and well now retired he mentioned that he would like to take it up again. So go on "treat yourself" says I. He spent some considerable time deciding what he required and duly purchased. So I take a little bit of interest in his new "toy"!!!......only being cheeky. Well I asked if I could share it with him....the look on his face said it all "it was his". Up to this point I had a years old camera that had served me hubby said "buy and choose one for yourself. So originally went for a point and shoot camera, then started to take a closer look at hubbys....thought Oh! Iwant that and that and that on cancelled original order and upgraded camera to a super zoom one 36X........oh my goodness what fantastic fun I purchased a Nikon Coolpix p500...hubbys is a Panasonic Lumix fz45 which must admit has far greater write ups than mine!.....but the zoom on his at 24X is knowhere near as impressive....I think each camer has its own merits. So camera arrived and I have been learning and reading about apertures/shutters/isos and all such....very exciting and a new hobby that I thought I wouldn't do or really be interested in. How wrong can one be all thanks to my darling love of my lots of sharing and finding out going one together. Anyway last night there was a full moon and the first chance to try out my "zoom" on a night sky.........ready for this.



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bellaboo said...

What a great spot in Dorset,have to put that down on our 'to visit' list!..amd WOW and double WOW to your fab moon pic! That is some camera! :0)