Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Have gone mitten mad at the moment....wanted something else to do whilst waiting for some circs to come through that I had stash yarn and so far...this is North Iceland mitten pattern from Folk Mitts....done in jaeger merino double knit.
Anyway as put before have succumbed to and wow what a place for inspiration and everything knitty. Only problem being I have so many projects queued etc and so many favourites. Last night went started to go through the pages for the group "stranded"...there are 103 pages and I think I am up to about page 64. Poor hubby wanted to get on here.......did I let him nnnnnnoooooo! was too busy noseying around. Mind you sure by bum will get bitter with sitting around. So this pm dog gets a good long walk. bye for now x

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