Sunday, 7 December 2008

A few Christmas bits and bobs.

Picture heavy post.....hey Mr. Turkey are you ready....???

Just a few prettys on my side cabinet...hmmm!!! now looking at this picture think it maybe needs a tad more flowery bits...yes?

Hey'll be real busy soon.

Don't you just love the cutesy set on the first picture...purchased from good ol' TK Maxx....sugar bowl/cream milk jug and the lovely jam/butter dish with the sleigh mini knife...lurrrvveee it...and of course there was my 2nd bargain again TK Maxx.

Then my 2nd bargain yet again TK Maxx 3 beautiful large Baubles which are by Waterford...a bargain at about £3/£4 each...went into my local department store and couldn't believe my eyes, they were for sale there at £20 eeeekkk!! so very pleased. Have displayed them in a red glass bowl with tiny lights around them.

Ok I know TK Maxx again....did I tell you about my bargains...couldn't resist (oh and I tried soooo hard) these cutesy four plates and large plate.....perfect for those mince pies....scrummy.

and for now my mirror done up in its glory....with another Waterford bauble that has Seasons Greetings on it.

and how could I forget these so funny stages of meltdown....did make me giggle...the message on the melted snowman says..."see you next year".....oh yes the 3 small threes come from Sainsburys.....a great little find.

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Lady Katherine said...

Love the rooster platter. I kitchen is all roosters!lol