Friday, 19 December 2008

Nigella Lawson......

I treated myself today...if whether you love her or hate her...this book is a definite must have for Christmas.....maybe a great gift....actually I'm wondering if my daughter might have purchased this for me ops! Best of all its at Waterstones for £8.99 woohoo bargain.
The glossy pages just inspire you to cook...well it works for me.....I'm loving
the Spruced Up Vanilla Cake what a wonderful alternative to Christmas cake, have defnitely got to track down one of those cake tins for it. Also fantastic recipe for Chocolate Pudding...oh and for those not keen on the proverbial MR. TURKEY....then the recipe for stuffed pumpkin looks pretty good.

What I love about this lady is "SHE LOVES TO EAT"....honestly I sit their giggling to myself when after the end credits of the programme...she sneaks downstairs for the midnight bite. The lashings of cream that went on that mince pie.....indecent. I was listening to our Terry Wogan on radio 2 the other day......seems quite a few of the men love her two...hmmm! wonder why? Could it be the way the camera lingers on her mouth as she eats..I don't think its the food.
Theres also something else I am inspired to do....I lurrrvvveee her kitchen it is so homely. I love the way everything sugar/flour/dried fruit etc are all to hand and within easy reach. So after Christmas I'm off to Ikea to purchase glass jars and sort out my larder...then I won't have flour/sugar spilling over the place when I unroll the bags etc. Yep I think that will be one of my New Year resolutions....get organized.
OK own up whos finished their Chrissy shopping?
ME.....TA DA!!!!
I'm going to sit with a Christmas film on this afternoon and do my wrapping....of course with a cuppa and choccy bickies oh my new Nigella Cookery book....
Have a wonderful weekend...xxxxxxxx


Tea Time With Melody said...

Thank you for visiting. I love recipe books with pictures, it's the only way to go. I want to know what my dish is supposed to look like! This book looks to have lots of yummy things to eat.

laurie said...

Thanks for your nice comment you left in my blog. I am SO impressed that you have all of your Christmas shopping done! I still have some last minute shopping to do, and I know the stores are going to be so crowded. This recipe book looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. laurie