Wednesday, 19 November 2008

the home piccies

Afraid my postings got a bit mixed up....below this post...there is one re my darling Mum and where she is at now....but for here...some piccys which I hope you enjoy....hugs me x

The first picture is of the vest/tank sirdar top I have just finished. This one is the afterthought one...the first being on Ravelry....finished it was way to big and made me look a lovely knitty friend suggested that I machine and cut to boldy going where I have never been before I ventured glad I did.........looks a lot better...sorry for the cheesey phto to me...must let my hair grow a bit.Thought would show you a few piccys of a few of my favourite theres a cue for a my home. First off is a lovely little gas fired stove from Villager Stoves....originally we wanted a woodburner...but the expense would have been far too we settled for this little beauty....throws out nearly 4kw of heat...but never needs to be up so high...keeps the room lovely and toasty just ticking over on low.

The chair is a favourite to sit and read my mags and knitty stuff with a nice coffee and biscuit.

We have just papered one wall of our dining room in this sumptious wallpaper...I love it. We weren't quite sure first of all but the room needed warming up and its certainly done the trick. On the wall is a oh so! beautifully romantic print then my thoughtful DD brought me the porcelain couple on the left to go with it.

Last and not least is my very very lovely Rayburn...gorgeous red...oh is there a theme going on here....hehe....anyways my kitchen is Ikea red units with chrome etc.... this afternoon I have been baking a fruit loaf and some roly poly mince pies at the same time a beef casserole has been simmering away in it.


gilraen said...

Gorgeous vest and a clever friend!! :)

I love all the red in your home, very warm indeed :)

Kristens Creations said...

Thanks for your visit and your nice comments today. What a lovely vest you nitted! Very pretty. Kristen

Artis-Anne said...

Love your vest , it looks amazing on you .
Your home looks warm and inviting too. We have a woodburner but alas no room for a Rayburn in this wee cottage :( LOVE it in red

Anonymous said...

Love all the color. So bright and happy. I am glad you found me. God is good to see that people from another country can find each other in time of need.
Im sure what you said is right on. Children that are torn when they are young not matter who and how good things are they seem to have anger. I know I look in my heart and ask did I go wrong some where?I know i was perfect,but I gave my heart and that is the best I have. I see you did the same.I will keep you on my heart.