Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Some gorgeous Cath Kidston goodies, my new craft corner and my lovely new toy.

Been soooooooo excited, my darling lovely gorgeous, sweet kind hubby of mine has made me a lovely craft corner in our spare room. Aren't I a lucky girl, a place for everything and workspace too. Honestly I can hardly contain myself with all the images of needlework that I can now do...and then my trusty old sewing machine which had seen better days. Believe me at 20 years old, she has been a loyal workhorse for me over the years, helping me to churn out all sorts when re-decorating. But alas no more shes now made way for this......a beautiful sleek oh so quiet, no frills and bells PFAFF purchased from great firm below, fantastically quick delivery....Oh and all those threads you can see on the left 100 of them was the gift with the machine along with scissors etc...very impressed. http://www.ekmpowershop3.com/ekmps/shops/janome/
Then of course one has to have some more gorgeousness, in the shape of these lovely tins from the lady herself Cath Kidston....Sewing Thread tin complete with threads inside, a cutesy button tin and pin tin....and a gorgeous knitting bag... I think I'm sorted, off now to fabric shop to search for Christmas material to make some hanging hearts for gifts..........tralalallalalalala.....skips off xxxxx

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Poppy said...

Oh YUMMY!! How utterly lovely! *big sigh* :)