Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What makes an interesting blog....

I love looking at other peoples blogs and was wondering what makes one blog more interesting than the other. What makes a person stop/read/look and finally decide to leave a comment. Obviously its the contents therein, I love looking at blogs about vintage etc....crafting...knitting and home blogs. I love noseing at peoples homes and their decor etc, well who doesn't. I notice that lots of blogs that are vintage, flowery in pinks/creams/blues etc are very very popular...with lots of followers.

So what do you think I could do to make my blog more interesting to you. What would make you come back again? I've put up a poll and would love if you could take a couple of seconds to vote, so as I know which way to go with it....and also if you have any ideas that would help me.. that would be great to.... ..thank you....have a great day.

Have just changed background and changed around a few other colours, hope it looks better.


elsy said...

pleased to meet you... i've enjoyed reading your blog while i have my last cuppa of the day......your watercolours are lovely, i adore pictures like that where you just want to jump in !

bellaboo said...

Thankyou for popping in and leaving a lovely comment.You have many interests that match mine!
Will be calling in again.


Poppy said...

Hello there, I found you via Hen's blog. I can't wait to explore your blog!

love, Poppy x

Guro said...

I like and liked your blog as it is/was, the crafting (knitting etc.), your worries about your mother and father, your travels and opinions on different issues. Glad you are back.