Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Some pretties and knitted scarves.

Isn't this sign just the prettiest thing, found it in a shop in Arundel West Sussex called Sparks Yard, http://www.sparksyard.com/what a great place...full of loveliness, this had to come home with moir along with...... cupcakes pot mat...and then lo and behold, this jumps into my hand.......
gorgeous sweet Christmas letters...lovely time out with my lovely friend is what I had. We popped into a sweet tearoom for tea and toasty teacakes...yummy.

On the knitting front, found this bobble yarn £8.99 a ball, so easy to knit with, you can do a scarf in a evening, well I made 3 kiddie ones....£3.00 a scarf....lovely.


Poppy said...

Ooh, lots of nice things! The pom-pom yarn looks fascinating, was it hard to knit with?

bellaboo said...

I always pop into Sparks yard when I'm in Arundel...it's great isn't it?
I just bought a 'home sweet home' mug,the same as your sign.We have the same taste..also have that 'Christmas' hanging!