Monday, 16 November 2009

Tell me what style of decorating?

Whilst browsing other peoples blogs, I see that vintage and pinks/creams/blues are very much admired knowadays. So it got me thinking about my own styles through the years.
I remember my first flat back in eeeekkk!!! 1975 was a basement flat and we decorated it in geometric blue/dark blue squares and swirly carpet. We had a dralon gold corner sofa and white table and chairs with blue seats. The bedroom had orange and yellow flower wallpaper....had my first child in this flat, quite a squash. Then moved to a terraced house which then (wait for it) a vast Yorkstone fireplace, complete with place for TV etc and a gas fire with wooden surround, can you just visualize it, oh yes and brown/orange geometric wallpaper. Then the years were spent bringing up the children and we get to the late 80' where into swags & tails/ festooned blinds on the curtain front. That was my dark mahogany Edwardian period, and I found flea markets and antique shops, I would spend so much time looking and collecting. I used to separate my then dining room from the lounge with a huge swaythe of thick lace curtain...I had deep maroon carpet with fleu-de-lise pattern on it, everything was so heavy and dark.
Then moved to end of the 90's early 2000..time for a change, we went minimalist...I hated this look, we got rid of so much stuff and bought boxy square furniture in beech, the house become hollow and seemed unloved. The last four years have seen a change yet again, classic English with a cosy country twist, bit of floral, tad of vintage, plain carpets, plain walls, accents of red, oak furniture, easy living, nothing takes too much time looking after, comfy sofas to fall into lots of cushions....I tend to use Farrow & Ball paints, I love the matt that they give and they have such a lovely coverage and ease of use. I must admit though that I do love the pastel colours now though, so maybe the Cath Kidston prints might be creeping in a little bit more along with my love of Laura Ashley, so would love to hear how yours has changed over the years..

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A Country Girl said...

What a good question! My first flat (early 90s) was all Habitat style, black ash furniture, Athena framed posters etc. Then after a couple of years we moved to our present home, an Edwardian semi and complete renovation project. I wanted everthing in period and had lots of Laura Ashley wallpaper and curtains, quite dark colours mainly. Not too big on the florals though. Now most of the wallpaper has been repvaed with light, bright paint, mainly blues and greens. I like a calm unfussy look so steer clear of flowers. The only pink will be in my daughters room.
Look forward to reading others comments!
CG xx