Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My previous kitchen....same house.

Thought I would show you a couple of piccys of my previous kitchen..the units were originally dark wood from good ol' now defunct MFI... which we painted cream, the kitchen was lovely to use but after several years I got so tired of cleaning all those mouldings etc. But at times I must admit I do miss the fussiness of it but still love the clean lines of my complete red kitchen...hmmmm!!!


Poppy said...

Very nice! Red in a kitchen is so welcoming and cosy! :)

Caroline said...

I'm so in love with your stove. I want one just like it in blue. It has just a cozy vintage look. I've been looking at some companies in Los Angeles that restore old stoves, but they're even more expensive than many of the new ones...besides I have two kids to get through college before I get to redecorate:)

bellaboo said...

Love that red Aga!Thanks for dropping by.The spotty jam pot you like is from a company called Rex International.