Thursday, 12 April 2007


Ha ha! bet that caught your not be, grief that would be a medical revelation...past it. No my darling beautiful..... married only 18 months youngest daughter. Theres me in the shower couple of days ago, hubby walks in with phone in his hand a rather sullen look on his face (now bearing in mind that my Mum is very very poorly) I looks at him my stomach drops. So turn the shower off, take the phone. Hello!...."Mum its me...guess what I'm pregnant" I just went oohh oohh like a stupid ruddy pidgeon. My throat constricted and my voice stuck...a lump in emotion as big as a golf ball. "Mum you there".....found my voice Oh my goodness...oh my goodness I shieked. " You little sweetheart"....Speak to you later Mummy byeeeee. So going to be a Nanny again due in December a Christmas baba.
DH and I are both very lucky with youngest daughter, for some reason we are very very close, in fact friends. We have such fun and laugh together alot and DH and I go out with both of them regularly. She is very family orientated and so is SIL. Mind you also could be the fact they lived with us for 18 months whilst saving for a property.

Eldest daughter not so, they have two children plus third due any moment but sadly she does not like the family thing with us, so tends to go their own way, which is fine but sometimes I do find it a tad sad as time goes so quickly and we don't get to see the grandchildren. BUT nonetheless that is their wish and being a honourable Mum and Dad we must abide.

So back to youngest, well spent an hour on the telephone this evening doing baby talk, loved it brought it all back to me but I must remember to let her find her own way with things. So funny she was chatting away about babies and pregnancy and all that, then said to me "Oh of course, you know all this anyway Mum...duh!" she goes. "No carry on sweetheart its your turn now and you and your DH deserve all the excitement and all that goes with it. I just love listening to you".
Its the most wonderful feeling as even though shes 27 I feel so protective of her now shes pregnant, shes a very gentle kind person, who has a lovely nature. So anyways HERES TO ALL THE KNITTING I'VE TO DO OVER THE COMING MONTHS....WOO HOOO!!!!!!!
Now calm down Mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! night night.x


Cheryl said...

Very hearty congratulations and what fun for the next few months of baby knits!

Put a Sock in it said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

Viknits said...

Congratulations!! :) x

gilraen said...

Congratulations!! The best news in the whole world :)

Happy baby knitting :)

Scottishf said...

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing what you makeand the cute pictures when the time comes.

Artis-Anne said...

Dropped in from Gilraen's blog :)
many congratulations on being a Nanny again :)
I too have a very special relationship with my daughter and have our first grandchild who we all adore. Sadly my son is more independant and only contacts me now and again; I too find it hard at times.