Monday, 2 April 2007

I'm spinning around....

Well more spinnyness.....what I didn't realize is how patient you have to be in takes soo long...well it does for me. But then I suppose thats the relaxing side of it, the ladies at the guild where I go said to me "wait until you doze off at the wheel".
So anyway heres a couple of pictures of my latest the BFL in oatmeal and cream as you can see I still have LOADS to spin up..I have spun about 118 metres so far and I think by the time I have finished with what is left in the basket should have about say 500/600 metres. On the plying side of things have been reading how to's etc and hope that I am doing it correctly it says "for plying use half the amount of twists per inch for plying as to what was used for the original spinning. I find as a novice that I count the rotation of the wheel etc for the build up of twist before I let it go to be plyed (hope your following this?) and then let the appropriate amount of spun yarn go. Any help/comments good/bad indifferent or otherwise would be great.

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Heres a close up...have managed to spin am getting nearer to double knit..I must try to slow down a bit I get all excited when it goes right and then guess goes...pete tong....wrong!!!

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