Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year....

Hello and wishing everyone a Happy Healthy wonderful 2009...and may all your dreams come true.

Changed the top picture of my lovely dog to my favourite sofas.....these are so comfortable, you just sink into them...they're made by Tetrad. Its funny as had hankered after these for a couple of years, well when we went and purchased our previous 3 piece suite I knew it wouldn't work in the lounge, it was far too classic and upright and never had the sinkability factor in 18 months ago we changed it to two darling Dad was after a new 3 piece suite so the other one found a good home. I must admit that the cushions etc have to be fluffed up every day as they're feather etc...but for me thats a small price to pay. Especially at the moment as have largyngitus (I think thats how its spelt)...well don't laugh but anyone that knows me is laughing at the moment as my voice is a whisper and has been for nearly 3 days know and me not to pigs fly. Anyway where was I oh yes...will be curling up on sofa this pm to watch a film.
Have just finished taking all the Christmas decs down...don't you just hate it when all the prettys have to go away...mind you I have left some very small twinkly lights in a red glass bowl on the side table in the dining room, I think I will be able to get away with it. Now all I have to do is dust and vacuum and thats that for another year.

So I best be away and give my throat and chest some TLC....speak soon...take care x


prof en retraite said...

Happy New Year! Love your sofas! They do look like they score high on sinkability, as you said! lol The throw pillows I love best are my down pillows. Yes, you do have to fluff them, but I can give them a karate chop so they have that crease in the top like in all the decorator magazines! Have a wonderful weekend!...Debbie

laurie said...

So sorry you can't talk! That is just hard to handle - at least for me! My husband would probably love it if I got laryngitis! Happy New Year! laurie

Susan said...

Sofas look comfy...all I need is a good book!

Feel better soon!