Monday, 27 October 2008

Oh for goodness sake......

No knitty pics....just a bloggy post re things...anyway I will post about my darling Mum in a a couple of weeks ago I had my flu jab...well within 24 hours I had very mild flue symptoms....achy/headachy that sort of things....thats fine, never had them before with the jab so oh. Anyway 4 days later, a sort of cold type thingy affected me, nothing really came to a head just that feeling of stuffy and being off for the last9 days...then last night Sunday...flipping eck...thought my head was going to pop my 3am sunday throat was so constricted...face pain/earpain....a terrible pulsating pain in the roof of my mouth and back of my throat that came in hurt so much I'm not kidding you afraid to say I blubbed like a baby. Anyway took myself off to the docs this morning, even though hubby wanted me to stay in doc looks and just sees red mouth and throat...he said that I could have had a virus in my system waiting to emerge and the flu jab let it loose....add to that I have developed a red rash around my mouth...this could be from a change of foundation...anyway doc has prescripted me some cortizone cream....honestly I look like something out of halloween at the moment. to my darling Mum....last Tuesday they wanted to let her out of hospital as they said "medically shes fit"....urgh!!!!!!! are they talking about the correct woman...or has it been my Dad saying he wants her home. Anyway he hasn't been too good I asked him if he could cope...he said "no" I rang the hospital and asked if they could possibly keep her for another 24 hours or so....afraid that met with a rather angst I asked if she could be kept for another day on a "social basis"....erm no.....ok so I understand that Mum would be bed blocking. Anyway Dad has a wonderful social worker, she is young and so helpful...I rang her up and asked for advice....she managed to get my Mum to be allowed to stay and couldn't understand why they would want to release her anyway. So at the moment my darling Mum has tubes up her nose to help her breathe....they are taking x rays of her chest etc....they are attempting to help her get rid of the gas build up......she has a perpetual they have a fan on her....I as yet have only managed to see her one in the last week...because of this cold virus thingy...I was going to go tonight...but then my throat thing happened last the next few days are out....I would love to go and visit my Dad and spend an evening with him ...but he would rather I didn't so as I don't give him anything else, which I can perfectly lovely people who have sent me their virtual really does help....I cannot believe how much...and I thank you sooooo much for your kind words.

Now on the knitty front...well we have to speak of it don't we....Lady E is coming on Ok...even though I am not making it so wide. I have just cast on for some mittens for my darling twin Grandchildred (one boy and girl) they;re a year old now....anyway what with colder weather coming, they will need them. Then for a big big treat for MEEEEEE!!!! squeeeeeee.. I just purchased two skeins of Malabrigo lace weight in the colourway Noviembre....I want to have a go at making a lace shawl...something which has eluded me so far....but....I really don't know which pattern to go for ...any suggestions? so will be off for now thank you for stopping by xxxx


Wye Sue said...

sorry you are poorly, keep yourself wrapped up and hopefully it will go soon.
It sounds like you have a good social worker, and your mum is being looked after well.

With the lace - what about something from there are some lovely patterns out there... or see what others have made on Ravelry

Susie Hewer said...

Oh big hugs to you for the horrid virus and bad luck with the skin troubles (I too have got a rash all over my mouth and chin and look very attractive!).

I can't believe they wanted to discharge your poor mum and I really hope that she is more comfy. Your dad must be beside himself and I can understand why he didn't want to be exposed to your virus as well although that must be very hard for you.

Hope that planning some knitting projects helps to take your mind off things. Lace knitting is seriously addictive - says the woman who did little else for years but has taken a break for a while. Hmmm, maybe I need to reacquaint myself with it.........

Take care of yourself.