Tuesday, 21 October 2008

First of all...

Thought would post piccys of current wips......the floral jacket is nearly half done......not enjoying it as much as Ivy League and starting to feel should have done next size up even though all measurements etc are correct....this is top left........then am knitting a no brainer vest top.....in the gorgeous red/autumn colourway...cost £13.....cheap as chips....and of course Ihave had the calling to do another Lady Eleanor...this time in Noro Silk sock yarn...which will be not so heavy to wear.
Ok on the more serious stuff.....well my darling Mum as been taken back into hospital again...after being out for a week.....she has developed a chest infection along with all the other things with the end stage dementia....she is sleeping a lot and being made comfortable and thats all for now.
Hope you enjoy the photos...take care for now.... me x


Wye Sue said...

Glad your Mum is being made comfortable and being looked after in hospital. If you do end up sitting for long times when visiting do get up and walk round often (I wondered why my hips were hurting so much after sitting with my Dad for a few days..)
I hope your Dad is behaving and not giving you trouble. It must be awful for him coming to terms with the situation after being together for so long.

Mindless knitting sounds a good idea. If Lady Eleanor is calling to you, cast her on, you need something to concentrate on and it is amazing how much you can knit on auto piliot.
Take care, I've been thinking of you this past week, if you want to 'talk' my email is linked off my blog :-)

Susie Hewer said...

I hope your mum is comfortable now, or as comfy as she can be. I've left my email address in the previous post if you want to chat. I do understand how you feel and I shall think of you and your family when I run the Beachy Head marathon on saturday in aid of the Alzheimer's Research Trust. It's too dreadful a way to end a life. So sorry.

The noro is a lovely colour and your jacket is coming on well.

Guro said...

As I said in my last entry I'll try to "stay with" you through this, I'm not sure this is the way to express my thoughts in English, anyway, the intention is good. I've bought some Noro yarn in the US, similar colours actually, I'll try something similar to what you have started, thanks for sharing and inspiring.