Saturday, 31 March 2007

Do you like the new look!

So I thought a change is as good as a don't know if will be able to post new posts as puter is still deciding to be a bleep regarding my blog....still telling me this account doesn't exist..well here I am again. Should really be tucked up in bed got a terrible throat at the mo feels like a golfball is stuck there. But been having a good nosey at all the lovely knitty blogs out there. Specially like Fairisle Fibres and Dances with Wool. Can you believe it its 1st April already, boy where has the year gone thus far. I remember in my early 20's with 2 babies, the days seemed so long and then when they went to school even longer, I used to pick them up get home by four and DH wouldn't be home until gone 7. Now whew seems only at times to be 18 hours in the day. My darling Mum used to say to be make the most of the children before you know it they'll be grown up and have flown the nest. Of course, being only in the 30's then I used to think yeah ok....if only I had listened and taken more time to watch and in my early 50's I know why Grandparents enjoy their grandchildren so much, they take their time to watch and just see. Goodness me the things I used to do, most of us young Mums then in the late 70's early 80's didn't have our own cars, it was walking with the Silver Cross. Oh how I loved my Silver Cross pram then I had the toddler seat on the top and loads of space for shopping underneath.
No car so I used to catchthe train from Worthing in Sussex and would have to go in the guards van and I would train it to Brighton to see my Mum for the day where she would meet me at the station. I used to be so strapped for cash and things were so expensive then. Childrens anoraks had only really become fashionable then and I would hunt round for hours trying to find cheaper ones but then they were about£23 each....which was basically a average weeks wage...and as for shoes...well lets not get into that one I think most parents hate that nightmare!!!

So to change the subject here is a piccy of my latest spinning adventure it is merino in black and red and has come out at chunky (i know yet again) but hey am getting there.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Currently I am spinning some blue faced leicester in oatmeal and cream which I will ply. I actually prefer spinning this although it is taking quite a while. But seem to be able to spin it thinner so might end up with maybe fi I'm lucky double knitting...woah way to go....mind you tend to get carried away on the wheel and try the long draw...erm big mistake...darn fibre starts to drift apart. Not enough twist....but is all a learning curve. Anyway its now 12.58am and I best be away to get some zzzzzzz's...nighty night.

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Cheryl said...

Congrats on the new theme! It's nice to have a makeover. I must say that your spinning is really lovely. And you haven't been at it all that long. Had to scroll back to see when you spun your first and it just wasn't that long ago—well done! Hope Blogger behaves for ya in future. All the best!